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About Delta MediSains

Years of Experience

Delta Medisains (M) Sdn Bhd delivers innovative healthcare solutions. Using advanced technologies, we create top-tier biomedical products for various sectors. Our clientele includes government institutions, universities, military facilities, and private hospitals.

One Delta Medisains

Passion for Extraordinary

Ready for the Future

Our foremost commitment is to persistently introduce evidence-supported, innovative solutions and superior medical products. We use cutting-edge technologies to meet our clients' needs, enabling them to enhance their offerings and administer the most effective treatments to their patients.

Furthermore, we aim to provide customers with reliable, cost-efficient methods, focusing primarily on gratifying, long-lasting after-sales service support. This allows our clients to sustain a competitive edge, delivering premier healthcare services and cost-effective medical treatments both locally and regionally.

Initially established by three directors, we have thrived, increasing our team to 28 motivated members. Our management and key personnel possess substantial experience in the medical industry, and our engineers receive precise technical training to meet the rising demands for excellent, quality service from our users.

Our Core Values

Our core values serve as a compass, aligning and guiding us to better serve our customers, employees, and the broader community.



 Dedicate. Committed to practicing a high degree of integrity in all aspects.



Excellence. Devoted to achieving excellence and delivering the very best in all aspects.



Lifelong Learning. Recognize that lifelong learning is intricately linked to lifelong happiness.



Teamwork. Collaborate to meet the needs of both the team and our customers.



Accountability. Uphold promises, taking responsibility for all actions and their Consequences.


The Trusted Medical Company Everyone Loves to Join and Partner with.


Strive to be at the Forefront of Providing Innovative and Effective Medical Solutions to Enhance the Quality of Life for Mankind.

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Message From Our Managing Director

In 1993, our founders Frankie Hoh and Joyce Low embarked on a mission transforming the way healthcare is being delivered. That’s where Delta Medisains was born.

We bridge the gap between medical expertise and technology advancements, ensuring top notch medical devices to all doctors, making accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to a better life for everyone.

Our core values are Dedication , Excellence, Life Long Learning, Teamwork and Accountability.  Guiding our actions, shaping our culture and driving us towards achieving the mission.

Our company is GDPMD licensed. Means we are committed to providing high quality and safe medical devices and services.

Our energetic and experienced sales and service team are committed to the belief that success is built upon a strong foundation of values and a positive company culture. We provide excellent medical devices to hospitals, general clinics and specialty clinics, tailored to their specific needs.

Our mission is to be the company everyone wants to work with, offering innovative solutions and top notch quality medical devices. Join us to be part of the Mission.

Business Milestone

These milestones encapsulate our journey, from inception to continuous growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to shaping the landscape of healthcare with excellence and unwavering determination.


Improved Mental Health Impact
Successfully aided 2000 individuals in enhancing their mental health quality, including better sleep, improved focus, and relief from stress and anxiety.


Bellabee Brain Wellness Products Expansion
Expanded our horizons by entering the realm of Brain Wellness Products in 2021, reflecting our commitment to holistic healthcare solutions.


Micaela Solution Webstore Launch
Embraced e-commerce by launching our affiliate webstore in the medical-grade aesthetic market – Micaela Solution – in 2020, providing a convenient platform for clients to access our premium and medical-grade products.


GDPMD and MDA Certification
Achieved certification under the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD) and approval from the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA) in 2014, marking an important milestone in quality assurance.


Barco Monitors Representation
Strengthened partnerships by proudly representing Barco Monitors in 2013, contributing to our commitment to providing high-quality medical displays.


RIS Hospital Software
Stayed ahead of the curve by handling Radiology Information System (RIS) hospital software in 2012, further diversifying our healthcare solutions.


Company Website Creation
Embraced the digital era by launching our official company website in 2010, enhancing our online presence and communication.

Best Seller of CO2 Laser for Lumenis
Achieved recognition as the best seller of CO2 Laser for Lumenis.


First MEG Unit to HUSM and Malaysia
Broke new ground by supplying the first Magnetoencephalography (MEG) unit to HUSM, a monumental achievement and a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Creative Marketing Strategy Award
In recognition of the most creative marketing strategy in Asia for Lumenis.


Own Company Premises:
Achieved a milestone in our infrastructure, moving into our dedicated company premises in 2007, providing a stronger foundation for growth.


Penang Office Setup
Expanded our physical presence by establishing an office in Penang.

Aesthetic Systems Expansion

Diversified our offerings by expanding into Aesthetic systems, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in healthcare.

Special Recognition Award
Received a Special Recognition Award for our contributions to the success of Medrad products in 2006.

Outstanding Sales Achievement Award
Recognized for achieving the highest percentage of plan in 2005 in Asia Pacific for Viasys products.


Major Government Hospital Projects
Scaling new heights, we secured major projects with government hospitals, solidifying our position as a trusted provider of laser products in 2005.

Rookie Distributor Award
Honored with the Rookie Distributor Award for Lumenis products in 2005


Lumenis Laser Systems
Continuing our growth trajectory, we expanded our portfolio in 2004 by representing Lumenis Laser Systems, setting the stage for broader healthcare solutions.


Medrad Fourfold Growth
A significant turning point occurred in 2001 as we proudly continued to represent the Medrad Injection System, experiencing an unprecedented fourfold growth in sales compared to the previous year.


Medrad Injection System Representation
Achieved notable recognition for surpassing revenue quotas for Medrad products in both 2000 and 2001, earning a Performance Award.


Surviving Nation Currency Crisis
In the face of economic challenges, our resilience shone through as we navigated and emerged stronger during the nation’s currency crisis in 1997.


Company Incorporation
Our journey began in 1993 with a visionary spark, officially incorporating our company. This marked the outset of our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our Quality And Company Certification

Delta Medisains (M) Sdn Bhd is a registered company accredited by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia (KKM/MOF) and the Medical Device Authority (MDA) under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Holding the Medical Device Establishment License (MedCast) from MDA, under the Malaysia Ministry of Health, underscores our commitment to regulatory compliance. Every product we offer is meticulously registered with MDA, ensuring adherence to the highest standards. Additionally, our company proudly maintains certification in compliance with the Goods Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMD), accredited by BSI, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.