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    MÖLLER Medical Liposuction system MÖLLER was founded in 1949. With a clear focus on value-creating innovations that help their customers move forward and create real long term value. The fast-growing medium-sized company has been part of the Centrotec Group since 2003. MÖLLER is able to develop both sterile and active medical devices of all approval classes, manufacture them with the highest quality craftsmanship, obtain medical approval and distribute them internationally.
    Medical grade monitor – diagnostic and clinical review monitor Diagnostic imaging fueled huge progress in healthcare delivery, resulting in better health outcomes and life expectancies. Screening exams save lives through early detection, making most exploratory surgeries virtually a thing of the past. A hospital’s commitment to diagnostic imaging promotes exceptional healthcare that benefits both patients and medical specialists. Image quality and consistency are paramount to achieving a confident diagnosis, and ultimately, a successful course of treatment. Barco technologies that go beyond pixels and lumens enhance even the subtlest details to aid in precise detection at the earliest possible stage. Meticulously designed for faster image loading, creating a more streamlined workspace, and delivering crystal-clear images that are easy on the eyes, Barco display systems help radiologists diagnose confidently and efficiently to read more studies per day.
    LAP Laser systems for patient marking and positioning LAP has been delivering state of the art patient alignment laser systems for radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and diagnostic radiology since 1984. LAP lasers have a solid track record in clinical use worldwide. LAP develops solutions for new diagnostic and therapeutic radiological applications in close cooperation with leading institutions and equipment manufacturers. Building on a strong tradition of experience in the medical industry, LAP has become the world leader in laser systems for simulation and treatment room applications.

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